Sample Agenda

Posted: Nov. 17, 2019

A Few Days Before the Meeting

  • Post the “Introducing InUnison” poster in common areas including office communication areas. Email the poster to all staff as well.

The Day Before the Meeting

  • Add all staff to your InUnison site so they will have an invite in their inbox.

The Day of the Meeting

Everyone will sign the Sign In sheet for your meeting.  Keep this to upload to your safety meeting event report.

  • Explain the reasons for moving to the InUnison system – reduction of paper, ease of use, access for employees to have the program in their hands, tidy event reporting.
  • Review that they all will receive an invitation to join if they have not already.
  • Log into the site and tell employees to save the site to their home screen on their phones after logging in.
  • Review safety program including Corporate, Safe Work Practices and Forms, search function, and Read and Accept.
  • Review the first page of the Event reporting screen. Mention that they can upload files including pictures from their phones and assign corrective actions in the following 2 screens.

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